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How can you construct a plane where every point is coloured either black or white such that two points of the same colour are never a unit distance apart?


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Alex and Bob work as financial advisors for the same company. They draw equal salaries from the company. They behave well at the office. Both work on similar assignments. Each assignment requires a yes-no decision. The company uses the decisions made by them to make profits.

After the recession hit the company very badly, one of them has to be fired. Both Alex and Bob have worked on almost the same number of assignments in the last ten years. Alex has been consistently taking about 80% decisions correctly every year. Bob, on the other hand, has been taking only about 5% correct decisions every year.

Assuming that the performances of Alex and Bob would remain the same in future, who should the company fire to maximize its profits in the years to come? Why?


Random puzzle from the past

Imagine a queue consisting of men and women only. The first person in the queue is a man, and the last person is a woman. An autistic child refuses to believe that somewhere in the queue there is a woman directly behind a man. Fortunately, some teachers have succeeded in teaching him the principle of mathematical induction. Now, can you show the child, using mathematical induction only, that somewhere in the queue, directly behind a man there is a woman?


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